Gear Needed for Practice

DrylandFor dryland, please wear tennis shoes and wear warm up clothes.

Below lists the gear and equipment required for entry onto the ice.

Helmet: A bicycle helmet works well.

Long sleeves: A long sleeve shirt or jacket, UnderArmour or any close-fitting, flexible shirt is fine. Some skaters layer a lightweight sweatshirt or fleece top over this.

Long pants or Lycra skin suit: UnderArmour, a club uniform, or any close-fitting, flexible pants or sweatpants are fine.

Gloves: Skaters can either use gloves designed specifically for speedskating or regular winter gloves, football gloves or gardening gloves.

Short track speedskates: Boots and blades designed for short track will give the skater an advantage. If you are just starting out, hockey or figure skates are fine to wear. We do have a limited number of skates for the two-session trial. If you are looking to purchase skates, visit one of our preferred vendors.

Neck guard: A piece of strong fabric with Velcro to close it around the neck. Found at stores that sell hockey equipment. (Trial skaters – TCSS can lend you this, if you don’t have one.)

Knee pads: Volleyball or soccer knee pads work great.

Shin guards: Soccer shin guards are what most skaters use.

Eye protection (optional): Use shatter-proof sport glasses or safety glasses from a hardware store.

Water bottle: Bring a water bottle or sports drink. Speedskating is a workout.