• Lisa Hambly (Lead Coach – Level 2)
  • Susan Sandvig Shobe (Long Track Coach – Level 3)


  • Jensen Jordan
  • Andy Uttke

TCSS offers high school age team members the opportunity to learn coaching basics and apply that knowledge under the guidance of the coaching staff. Many students apply this time toward volunteer participation programs and awards at their school.


Susan Sandvig Shobe (Program Director)
Susan Sandvig-­Shobe has been an Active ISU Championship referee (Level 5) for nearly 17 years and is an active USS certified Level 3 coach and current member of the USS Board of Directors. She has vast experience and knowledge of the sport, as she is a past chairman, member of the Sports Medicine and Sports Science Committee and the Long Track Committee. She has also been a member of the Long Track Selection, Coaches, Development, and Officials Committees.

In the past, she was the Assistant Long Track National/World Team Coach and the Junior Long Track National/World Team Coach. Sandvig-­Shobe has served as the USS Representative to ISU Congress in 2000, 2002, 2006, 2010 and has been the Director of Organizing Committees of World Championships, World Cups, and National Events. A former National Team LT Skater, Sandvig-­‐Shobe is a current USS Board of Directors members and was instrumental in helping to develop and implement the USS Safesport Program.

Sandvig-Shobe has been a member and advocate of Twin Cities Speedskating since it’s inception.

Matthew Vraa, MPT, MBA (Team Consultant)
Matthew is a former National level Short and Long Track Speedskater.  He was on the Junior National Team and competed for the United States in several international competitions.  After retiring from the sport in 2000, he finished his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and currently practices in the Twin Cities at Physical Therapy Orthopedic Specialist, Inc.

Vraa taught at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee with their Learn to Speedskating and Figures Skate program from 1995-2001. Vraa is a Level 3 pending Speedskating Coach, working with skaters in Roseville since 2006 and has been helping the Twin Cities Speedskating Club since 2007.  He also provides equipment and technical support for many local skaters and clubs.